Gas Line Repair & Installation

The possibility of a gas leak can be a scary thought. If left gas leaks unchecked, the inhalation of toxic fumes could seriously endanger you, your family, and your pets and a gas leak could even cause a catastrophic explosion. It is extremely important to watch for signs of a potential gas leak. If you suspect a gas leak at your home, rest assured that the technicians at AJL Plumbing & Heating have the necessary experience to locate and repair your gas leak.

installing gas line in otsego nyWhat should you do in the event of a leak? If you have a gas leak, the most important thing to do is to leave the property immediately. Avoid turning on any electronic devices or anything that could create a spark. Do not start your car if it is near the house. Do not use a lighter or any open flame. Do not use any electronic devices hooked up to switches and outlets, such as lights or appliances.

Gas Leak Detection

AJL Plumbing & Heating uses a few methods to detect and locate a gas leak. Once the leak is located, our technicians will go over options for the repair, always giving you the pricing up front and before we start any work.

Gas Leak Repair

Once located the gas leak will be repaired by our qualified technicians. AJL Plumbing & Heating will take care of all the permitting requirements needed (if any) so you don’t have to. In some cities, the entire gas system must pass a gas pressure test before the inspection will pass. In any case, AJL Plumbing & Heating can perform the work necessary to get your gas turned back on as quickly as possible.

Installation of New Gas Lines

Whether you want to run gas to your new gas cooktop or out to the outdoor kitchen, we have the experience to fix your issues. Complete the form on this page or give us a call today if you have a gas leak.

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